About us


Bad Dog Parts specializes in the production of frame rails for 240/260/280Zs and has been in business for 19 years. The company grew out a need to find a simple way to stop the unibody shell from twisting under stress as I had plans to install a 3.2L stroker motor.

To solve that issue we decided to model the rails from an OEM frame rail we had purchased when Nissan still sold just about every part you could want. Instead of the stock thickness (16 gauge) we made our rails from 13 gauge steel to fit over the existing stock rails. This allows us to sell rails that will fit directly over stock rails but also serve as a complete replacement as needed. The 13 gauge adds more strength and stability for those who drive their Z hard, have increased the HP & torque, autocross or track their Z.

Once we got the fitment right, I saw the need to continue the rail back all the way to the crossmember in the rear wheel arch and that lead to the design of the optional 240 and early 260 rear frame rail pieces that connect the engine bay frame rail and the floor rail with the rear of the car. We considered making one long frame rail but ruled it out for two reasons; 1) over time the floors sag or have been bowed upwards making fitment at each end difficult and 2) packaging and shipping would increase the cost too much. This rear rail section was shown to Mr. Matsuo during one of the ZCON events and he slapped his forehead with a laugh and asked himself why didn’t he think of that.

To date we have sold 3,000+ frame rail sets to Z owners in over 19 countries including Japan. We also make single point jack plates, 240 & early 260 seat brackets and front sway bar reenforcing plates.

All our prices include shipping within the lower 48 States and we offer a “no questions asked 100% return policy” with free return shipping. Our parts are also patent design protected.

New products include:

280 optional rear rails similar to our 240/260 rears (driver and passenger side sold as a set or a single piece)

280 front and optional rears that fit aftermarket replacement floors (driver and passenger side sold as a set or as a single piece)

Mix and match sets can be ordered, we just need to know what floor(s) are in or will be in the car along with which side is which